Leicester residents protest over proposed traffic regulation order

By Shantelle Gondo

Over 100 Leicester residents stood outside in the rain on Monday (NOV1), protesting about the Harrison Road Traffic Regulations Order (TRO), set by the Leicester City Council.

The TRO will restrict all residents and visitors within the area of Stafford Street to Cannon Street and Harrison Road to Belgrave Road from parking outside their homes.

The council will be reducing available parking spaces and requesting them to buy parking tickets, while customers of businesses within the area will be limited to only half an hour parking time.

Residents say they are now being forced to take longer journeys using busier roads, such as Melton Road.

The City Council has advised residents that the reasons of the proposed TRO, is due to problems with school traffic within the area, but they say this has affected the community negatively due to longer journeys.

For more information or to take part in the petition, visit:  https://www.change.org/p/sir-peter-soulsby-objection-to-leicester-city-councils-planned-traffic-regulation-order-for-harrison-rd-area?fbclid=IwAR0SuhdHDbx9uutq2bBFDLpmcNvwjBacdyH5jg6l99v487FY1EJLHSV9_sM


  1. well finally a article that shows the hardwork of the resisdents even standing in torrential rain to make their point against the council. The leicester city council is a total JOKE!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE HAD NO PUBLIC MEETINGS and continue to tell us they had consultation 2 years ago for this planned TRO. Their communication is second to 0 and for this protest they sent some low level officer who could not even read the councils TRO map. Hey Council ! are you listening?Were not going to pay to park outsite our house we already pay enough in road tax council tax – the roads around here are full of pot holes – theres dog shit always outside my house – if you cant do anything useless with the mone you already get what the f”””” are you going to do with more money????

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