Half-term hell forecast as work starts on busy Leicester roads

By Luke Williamson.

Work will begin on two of Leicester’s busiest roads during next week’s October half term.

Stoughton Road will be fully closed from the junction on London Road to the junction at Kingsway Road, while Uppingham Road will see work in the section between Coleman Road and Overton Road with a one-way system introduced from this Saturday(OCT16).

The work on the former will be carried out in stages, aiming to minimise the impact the local residents and businesses will face says Leicester City Council.

Similarly, on the less busy Lamborne Road, Knighton, there are works to replace concrete sections that have broken over the year – but this is set to last five weeks.

It has been timed to coincide with the school holidays due to fewer cars on the road, leading to less disruption.

Affected residents will be informed of the work in advance.

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