Conservative wins Market Harborough East

By Joshua Solomon

Barry Champion has won the seat on the county council for Market Harborough.

The Conservative won the seat for Market Harborough East on the county council after beating Liberal Democrat Sarah Hill by nearly 200 votes.

He succeeds Dr Hill who was first elected in 2005 and won three consecutive elections on the county council for Market Harborough.

Mr Champion is a consultant engineer and has lived in Market Harborough for the last 22 years. He has also served as ward councillor for the last six years.

After listening to residents of Market Harborough East, Mr Champion said he created a manifesto for change that covers a wide range such as Planning, Environment and Covid:19 support.

He said he is committed to help create a safer Market Harborough, one of his main plans being to work hand in hand with the police by investing in speed cameras in the communities, also a £267 million capital programme to improve roads and pavements to make Leicestershire even greener.

There is a heavy focus on making the county green with a promise to plant 700,000 trees which is one for each county resident.

Also, he hopes to create a greener Leicestershire with emissions down by 73% and plans to increase that, with Mr Champion already supporting Harborough Plastic Pledge and other environmental initiatives, such as an increase in public transport and cycling facilities.

Mr Champion also wants a more connected county as he proposes investments into roads and support for vulnerable residents, communities, businesses and local NHS that have been affected by covid:19.

Mr Champion’s manifesto has promised a change in the way the taxpayer’s money is managed, with investments in infrastructure in the county. Also, a heavy focus on improving flood defenses which will entail working with partners to carry out cleaning that will solve the heavily decrease the risk of potential flooding.

He said: “Serving as both your district and county councillor will allow me to represent your views much more effectively through joining up duties of both councils”.

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