VIDEO: Normality edges closer as next steps out of lockdown are announced

By Jayden Whitworth

Stage 3 of easing lockdown restrictions is set to go ahead on Monday, May 17, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK was on track for all restrictions to be lifted on June 23. 

It is at this stage that pubs and restaurants will be able to fully reopen their doors and welcome in customers both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor entertainment is also being given the green light to reopen its doors, with museums, theatres and cinemas opening up for the first time this year. 

Stadiums are also set to reopen to limited capacity with fans preparing to get to their first game in over a year.

Two households will also be able to meet indoors whilst the outdoor limit will rise to 30 people.

This will undoubtedly be welcomed by residents of Leicestershire who will be eager to get back out and things they enjoy doing.

For Leicestershire residents this will be a luxury they are unfamiliar with having spent most of the last 14 months in lockdown or localised lockdowns.

Ruben Wilson, 18, from Corby, said: “I think it will be very good to get back to pubs and restaurants with friends and family.

“With figures being the lowest they’ve been in months; I feel like we just need to get back to normal.

“I’m a little bit apprehensive but not too much.

“Obviously I’m looking forward to the pubs and restaurants being open indoors, but I’m looking forward to getting back to cinemas, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there now.

“It’s different to your pubs and restaurants but it’ll just be good to get back having a good time with your friends.”

The government will continue to look and analyse the data ahead of a safe return to normality on June 23.