Focus charity takes a nomination in Leicester Comedy Festival

By: Tracey Ugwueru

The Focus charity has been nominated for one of the Leicester Comedy Festival awards.

Harsha Acharya, the Leicestival project manager, has worked alongside Shenese Barzey, the project assistant manager of Focus Charity, together with youth members to take part in comedy competitions as part of activities for the community.

Focus first began in the 1980s with Oxford University first providing opportunities.

Being nominated after this year’s festival follows on from the charity winning the community award in 2017 and winning Leicestershire charity of the year in 2019 as part of the niche business awards.

 It has been an exciting movement and all procedures according to Harsha have said to be fair.

She said being nominated creates sustainability, recognises the amazing work it does striving to deliver programmes, focuses more on young people and delivers as many opportunities as possible.

Harsha was first involved with the Comedy Festival as a youth worker and she hopes the achievement will help them to get new people to join.

She said: “Children don’t get to go to the comedy festival as sometimes they don’t have the opportunity to do so. It’s good to see children up on the stage and their families proud to see them.

“We are always looking for volunteers, having had four new volunteers join the charity over the past year. It includes training and other requirement such as the VBS check, catering for face to face and online sessions.”

Their next induction will be just after summer or early autumn this year.

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