Art AI Festival returns to Leicester

 By Darnell James

The award winning online Art AI Festival will be returning to Leicester next month showcasing a progression of imaginative artificial intelligence works of art.

Artworks by international artists working with artificial intelligence technologies will be on display from May to October 13. 

The festival is an association between De Montfort University, Phoenix, High Cross and Luba Elliott with extra help from Arts Council England, in association with Leicestershire Partnership Trust NHS, Leicester City Council Central Library, Haymarket Shopping Centre and Haymarket Theatre.  

The festival started as a wide conversation between Luba Elliott (Curator) and Tracy Harwood (Festival Director).

Luba had considerable experience of running a London Meeting focusing in on Creative AI that has produced worldwide interest.

Tracy has a specific interest in drawing in crowds ahead of the schedule and her exploration takes a glimpse at the effect this has in evolving practices.

Tracy and Luba aim to discover novel approaches to raise people’s comprehension of the abilities and question marks around AI.  

They linked up with Chris Tyrer, the computerized expressions program chief at The Phoenix, a regular home in Leicester for discussions about contemporary advanced expressions.

With a minuscule spending plan of just £4,000 given to them by the #DMULocal scheme, the four accomplices had success organising the first festival in 2018.

The occasion drew intensely on one of Tracy’s associates at the Institute of Creative Technologies, Fabrizio Poltronieri, whose work of art, Hatred Apparatus, had appeared at Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), and later was shown as a live AI in High Cross Shopping Centre.

They also used Twitter to react to tweets that referenced #LoveLeics in a message, drawing on an enormous dataset of verse that it had been prepared with.

This year, there will be pieces of artwork situated around the city centre, including The Phoenix, Central Library, High Cross, Haymarket and Haymarket Theatre.  

For a guide and program, with more information on events, plus to make bookings visit 

For further information please visit the festival website.