Shoppers flock to Leicester city centre following latest lockdown easement

By Kira Gibson

People have flocked to Leicester High Street following the lifting of restrictions on April 12 – but not everyone is at ease with the crowds.

Shops in the city centre have had to deal with massive queues and lots of customers in the past week as shoppers flood back into the streets.

Each shop has had to deal with an influx of people, even if they have been open during the lockdown after being deemed “essential” by the Government.

The weather has also had an impact on bringing shoppers out, with the sunny weather being a magnet for punters wishing to enjoy the ‘freedom’ they now have.

This is the first time in more than a year that Leicester has enjoyed the freedom that comes with lockdown restrictions being lifted at the same time as the rest of the country.

However, DMU student Stephen Faddes said: “I think generally people are taking more risks, not only because of the vaccine rollout but because people have missed going out and going shopping.

“There are many packed venues with outdoor seating which is unnerving to see given that the pandemic is still happening right now.”

The next stop on the Prime Minister’s roadmap out of lockdown is scheduled for May 17, which will see most outdoor social contact rules being lifted with gatherings over 30 people still being illegal, indoor hospitality allowed and entertainment venues due to open.

All legal limits on social contact are hoped to be lifted on June 21 along with nightclubs due to reopen and large events and performances allowed.  

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