University runs exciting Burlesque at home online class to keep student morale up

By Molly Talbot

Students at De Montfort University had the opportunity to take part in an online Burlesque class, inspired by the university’s “Are you okay?” survey, in addition supporting a local Leicester-based dance studio.

The university sent out a survey to try and get a better understanding of how students were feeling and what they wanted to see more of on the university’s behalf.

As a result, many students asked for additional opportunities that were fun and free. The executive officers for the university put their heads together and came up with a number of social activities, wanting to make them fun and different to attract people’s attention.

The event was held on February 26 and, naturally, occurred online due to the national restrictions that are in place with students joining through their devices in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms all over the country.

Laura Flowers, the Academic Executive for the Students’ Union, said: “I think that by having this class online it makes it more accessible to more people, and more people may be comfortable giving it a go.”

The advert for the class posted by De Montfort’s Students’ Union said that cameras were not obliged to be on, it was an optional choice.

The university would have liked to have held this class in person, the focus wasn’t necessarily how many people turned up or how successful the event was, but it was thought up for people’s enjoyment and that could be achieved both in person and online.

Laura said: “My focus isn’t necessarily on numbers. I want everyone to be able to feel like they are getting involved in their own way.”

The main theme behind this event was student welfare. The Students’ Union felt it was important to keep a good line of connection with students, especially at this time.

Listening to the student suggestions and bringing them into reality creates something for those who have not had a typical university year to enjoy.

Laura added: “As long as we can bring a little bit of enjoyment into people’s lives I’m happy!”


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