Resident furious over dog mess filling street in Rushey Mead

By Ben Stevens

A resident in the Rushey Mead area of Leicester was furious over increasing amounts of dog mess being left on the streets.

Jane Richardson says dog owners are being ‘disrespectful’ by leaving their dog’s mess right in front of people’s houses in Roseneath Avenue.

Whilst people have been out walking their dogs more as part of their daily exercise permitted under COVID-19 restrictions, Jane says this has led to a stark increase in people not clearing up after their pets.

‘It has definitely got a lot worse over the past three months or so during the COVID lockdown’.

She adds: ‘It is just awful to think that people watch their dogs do their business and don’t even think to clean up after them.’

The area is popular with dog walkers as there is a field at the end of the road which Jane says seems to make the problem worse.

‘I have two big dogs myself and I would never dream of leaving its mess on the streets for somebody to step in.

‘It’s being left right outside of people’s front gates so you can barely leave the house without having to step over it’.

Jane says though she is not the only one on the street who is fed up with people not picking up their dog’s mess. One of her neighbours put a big sign up outside of their house asking people to clean up after their dogs which has since been removed.