Painting the city in colour – ‘Bring the Paint’ festival to come to Leicester

by Abigail Beresford

The award-winning international graffiti festival Bring the Paint has announced that it is taking place in Leicester between 23rd-29th August 2021, with the support of Leicester City Council.

The city-wide festival will be free for all to attend, with opportunities for families and children to get involved, with workshops for everyone to enjoy, as well as music, food and drinks.

The main events are expected to take place on Saturday 28 August around the city, and Sunday 29 August at Frog Island and The Mill.

The festival is expected to attract 8,000 visitors to the city, to admire the beauty and creativity behind the large murals that are expected to cover the city.

“I’ve only been to Bring the Paint once and had a great time, watching quality artists and graffiti writers in action,” said Paul Nicholson, 63 from Bedford.

“I also got to meet most of the artists and got them to sign my black book.”

The festival has paired with Leicester-based Metro Boult Dodo to create an exhibition to document the creation of UK graffiti, to show a timeline of how graffiti has changed across the ages to the present day.

The extraordinary exhibition is set to be displayed throughout the entirety of the festival.

“I’m currently missing my weekly trips to Shoreditch to check out the latest street art and graffiti, so I’m looking forward to another Bring the Paint trip,” added Mr Nicholson.

The line-up and activities are yet to be announced and are expected to be confirmed in the run-up to the festival. To keep up to date and for more information on the festival, visit the event’s Facebook page at

Painting the city in colour and culture

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