New Afrikana restaurant soon to open in Leicester

By Shantelle Gondo

A new African restaurant is set to open soon in Leicester, sharing its new delightful flavours as well as cherishing its African tradition.

The Afrikana restaurant originally located in a small village in the Midlands, Aldridge, will soon be opening in Leicester, located in Charles Street.

Afrikana’s journey began in 2018, serving authentic home cooked African inspired dishes, with other branches located in Aldridge, Derby and Birmingham.

Leicester’s residents seem to be more than excited for the new restaurant to open, as they claim to ‘need new flavours’ to try out in Leicester.

DMU second year Psychology student, Sharon Umuhoza ,20, said:” The fact that Afrikana is opening in Leicester is very exciting , because there aren’t many African restaurants in Leicester.”

“My first experience in Birmingham’s Afrikana was exciting, I’m looking foward to experiencing their new service and tasting new dishes on the menu.”

Afrikana soon to open in Charles Street – Shantelle Gondo

The restaurant claims to offer ‘A breathtaking experience surrounded by art, music, culture and great food’, while their menu covers a wide range of flavoured African dishes from curry goat to African inspired fish and chips and many other tempting delicious flavors.

DMU second year Journalism student, Joshua Solomon, 20, said: ” I’m very happy that a new African restaurant is being opened as there are very few in Leicestershire and the ones that are here aren’t very good.

“I think that it will do well in Leicester as it’s such a diverse city and everyone’s open to different cultures here.”

Although the exact open date in Leicester is not yet confirmed, Afrikana will be opening soon in many other locations which are Cardiff, Blackburn, Nottingham, London, Manchester, Luton and Bristol.

The restaurant is currently hiring, for more information about the restaurant, any updates on the upcoming restaurant in Leicester, or careers visit: or email @AFRIKANAKITCHEN

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