Annual celebration of creative teaching at DMU continues until March 25

By Kira Gibson

A celebration of teaching began yesterday (MON,MAR15) and is expected to continue until March 25 in an online event highlighting the challenges of the changes brought because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

De Montfort University said it prides itself on providing quality teaching that ensures students can fulfil their goals and make a difference to their area.

This year, although different and challenging, has proven to be no different. 

Students have adjusted to a blended learning environment (both online and in person teaching styles) and this event showcases how students and staff have adjusted to this big change. 

Some events have already passed, with the launch event entitled ‘Teaching Excellence and Social Impact’ happening yesterday. 

However, there are plenty of other events happening throughout the week. 

The next event is from 6 to 7pm tonight (MAR16) entitled ‘From Microbiology to Computing, and everything in between: A personal journey.’ 

To find out more about this event, please go to

To see the full calendar for this ten-day event, please go to

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