Jessica’s virtual DMU soccercise sessions seen as success following switch online

By Tracey Ugwueru

A member of the women’s DMU football squad took the lead to run online football sessions after she took on the role of Soccercise activator but was then faced with Covid restrictions.

Jessica McEvoy, 20, set up a link from the DMU Women’s Football Club WhatsApp group as part of the DMUactive blackboard online programme which students can access easily using their username and password.

Soccercise is run by the university and is part of DMU active which offers free exercise sessions for all students.

It is usually held at the Watershed building near the campus but now has to be done virtually due to Covid restrictions.

Jessica said: “I went to Soccercise a lot last year and really enjoyed it and volunteered to be this year’s activator.”

Students do not have to be a regular attendant to participate at all, they just need to have an interest.

No full kit is required but comfortable clothing is needed, participants need to take breaks when needed, and need to be in a suitable environment to avoid any accidents.

Jessica said feedback from the group has been very positive and students have said it has helped their mental health improve immensely over the term.

Other members of the team have created social groups where the participants can join in on other activities to ease the impact of Covid-19 and self-isolation rules.

As a take on for next year, she said this virtual football session will continue to progress as the team grows more motivated to get active and stay fit.

For more information contact the DMU women’s football division or DMUactive.

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