Student Nurses at De Montfort University hoped for more face-to-face classes

By Chloe Rowe

 Nurses have spoken out on their desire for more in-person classes after the new term began on January the 11th.

They were amongst the first students to be allowed back on campus due to their high priority, hands-on subject but after being back over a month, it seems students have not been on campus as much as they would like.

Madeline Blunt, 20, who is studying child nursing has said, “I’ve had two in person classes so far, and for this academic year I don’t think we’re having anymore.”

The problem, Miss Blunt pointed out, was that “We’re going on placement and we’ve had two practicals. So, when I go into a hospital, I haven’t had hands on experience, I’ve just watched how to do things on a computer and it’s just not enough to make you feel well equipped.”

With their work placements coming up, the nurses have said the practical and hands-on learning is essential for working in hospitals or other care-giving services.

Abigail Edgar, 18, who is studying mental health nursing has said, “I’d like it more if it were in person. They’ve shown they can have in person classes but almost all my practicals changed to being online. I’ve had maybe ten practicals but only two since I’ve been back.”

The majority of student’s courses are fully online, so this has left the campus relatively empty and yet the student nurses have still not been able to attend more in-person classes.

When asked what Miss Blunt thought of her classes she said, “Teaching is good, just wished we had more in person.”