A perfect send off – claps across the UK for Sir Captain Tom

by Abigail Beresford

The streets of Leicestershire and the rest of the UK were filled last week with people clapping to commemorate the work and life of Sir Captain Tom Moore, after his recent death.

The 100-year-old was admitted to Bedford hospital on January 31, after testing positive for coronavirus and contracting pneumonia.

However, Sir Tom lost his battle and passed away on February 2.

Tributes flooded in from all around the UK and from around the world to show their deepest commiserations regarding his family’s recent loss.

The Queen led the tributes in light of the devastating news of the passing of Sir Tom, sending her own private message to the family, offering her condolences.

Captain Tom, as he was known, was knighted in 2020, in recognition of his services in fighting for his country during the Second World War, and the charitable work he completed to raise money for the NHS during the beginning of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister led the nation in applauding for Sir Tom for one minute at 7pm last Thursday(FEB4), outside 10 Downing Street.

Hands clean, keen, and ready to clap [Abigail Beresford]

Millions of people took to the entrance of their front doors, applauding, some even with kitchenware.

Thousands of residents in Leicestershire also participated in paying their respects for Sir Tom.

“He played such a big part in keeping positive throughout this pandemic,” said Theo Hunter-Rice, 19.

“It’s such a shame that he was unable to see the end to this pandemic and lose his battle to it.”

A quiet service is to be held by Sir Tom’s family, in order to pay their respects and bid an intimate farewell.

The family are encouraging people to donate to his fundraising page, to continue raising money for the NHS at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalk.