March, Cambridgeshire loves the NHS

By Kira Gibson

Local residents in March, Cambridgeshire have shown their appreciation for the NHS key workers by posting signs around the town and rainbows in their house windows.

Every Thursday night at 8pm, much like other towns and cities appreciating the NHS, the town of March claps and honks their car horns to say thank you for helping us in this crisis.

Although all people may love the NHS, some may not be so keen on the lockdown that the government have given us. With residents going out for walks to the park with their kids, or taking their multiple dogs out for a walk and staying out for hours, therefore endangering their own lives and those around them.

In any matter, the majority of the town respects the government and wishes to stay safe, so is following the advice of the government to save the NHS by staying at home.


A sign thanking the NHS key workers on The Avenue in March, Cambridgeshire

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