Mike Ashley faces backlash from the people

BUSINESS MOGUL writes an apologetic letter to the public in the hope to repair his reputation

By Joshua Solomon

Newcastle Football Club and SportsDirect owner Mike Ashley has written an open letter apologizing to the public for undertaking a series of bad decisions as they were ill-advised and insensitive at such a time.

This week Mr. Ashley made the decision to keep open sporting stores after the Prime Minister had called for all non-essential stores to be closed.

He insisted that the equipment he sold was essential, but after the government concluded that no it was not, he was forced to close all SportsDirect outlets.

After being instructed to close sporting stores, he then raised the online price of items by up to 50% in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, and was said to be forcing staff into branches of his clothes store Jack Wills to work, completely disregarding the Prime Minister’s order that only essential workers should be permitted to do so.

His feud with the Newcastle supporters started up again on Wednesday as he collected payments from his season ticket holders even though the league has been suspended for about three weeks now and they are not clear on whether or not the league will be resumed.

The lack of care of his employees who have had to risk themselves unlawfully angered many people.

The backlash led Mr Ashley to apologize profusely and he blamed his actions on the incoherent message sent out from the government and his poorly timed emails to the government in a time of crisis.


The Boss of Frasers group, which includes House of Fraser, Jack Wills and Evans Cycles, also offered his whole fleet of delivery trucks to the NHS and other Government workforces as he attempts to mend relationships by showing his eagerness to help out in any way possible.