DMU courses change format

By Kira Gibson

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the government guidelines now being in place stating that no face to face interaction should happen unless it is extremely necessary (such as food shopping and medical assistance) De Montfort University has changed all lessons to be online based.

The majority of the remaining taught lessons have been scheduled over Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, where students and teachers can use video chat to complete their lessons.

However, for those in the nursing sector, things have been a little harder to get to grips with.

One student, who wished to remain nameless, said “our course has been turned upside down. All we get given is a general statement from the nursing and midwifery council and no information from the uni. I go out into practice in two weeks and I have no information about what is going on.”

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) first year nursing students will be having their practice hours suspended and everything theory related will be completed online. Volunteering hours don’t count towards the course for first years either.

For any other nursing and midwifery students (all years) their course will change to be 80% practice and 20% theory with all lectures being online and no seminars due to the lecturers being registered nurses who have gone back into practice to help with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The email sent to all nursing students from DMU lecturers

To read the statement from the NMC follow the link below: