Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick announces shocking retirement from NFL

By Oliver Taylor

Dallas Cowboys center Travis Federick shockingly announced his retirement from the NFL yesterday.

Frederick, 29 years old, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Guillain–Barré syndrome in August 2018. This, he revealed, played a major part in his decision to retire.

The announcement read: “After much consideration, discussion and reflection, I have decided to retire from football.

“I started a journey almost two years ago that completely blindsided me. When I developed Guillain–Barré Syndrome, I did not know how to handle things.

“That experience forced me to re-evaluate my life priorities. I spent much of that year thinking about both the past and future.

“Some players fear life when it no longer revolves around football; the moment one stops playing the sport to which one’s identity and dreams have been tied to for 20 years.

“After months of contemplation, I not only accepted that moment, but I also, surprisingly found myself welcoming the moment.

“I thank the Jones family, the entire Cowboys organization, and my teammates for allowing me to go on this wild ride.

“I am so thankful for the last 7 years; however, I look forward to the next chapter of life.”

Frederick (72) made the Pro Bowl five times during his six-year career

Frederick was drafted by the Cowboys with the 31st overall pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

In 2016, Frederick signed a six-year, $56.4 million extension with the Cowboys. This deal remains the highest-paid contract for a center in NFL history.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reacted to Frederick’s retirement, saying: “As a contributor to our community, a family man and a professional person, he has distinguished himself as an exemplary representative of this organization.

“And for the rest of his life, when his name is mentioned in the same sentence with the Dallas Cowboys, he will be lifting the standards of excellence and esteem that has characterized the history of our proud franchise.”

Frederick’s full statement can be read here.

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