Sir Peter Soulsby reassures people of Leicester amid coronavirus outbreak

The town hall in Leicester city centre.

By Luke Pawley

City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has laid out his plans to help the city of Leicester during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a meeting of the City Council on Thursday evening, Sir Peter said: “Our duty is now clear – to protect loved ones, neighbours, friends, key workers and our fellow citizens.

“I want to offer some reassurances tonight to the people of Leicester that the council is doing all it can to keep people safe and to keep the city running.

“Be assured, your rubbish will continue to be collected and basic services will continue to be maintained.

“There is no point pretending that the council’s responsibility to serve and protect people in the city won’t be severely tested – and there are going to be some difficult times ahead.”

Sir Peter has released a fund of £27 million to be spent in areas such as emergency living grants and discretionary housing support, while giving £5,000 to each council ward for food delivery schemes and other community projects to combat the pandemic.

After announcing the measures he is taking, the City Mayor moved to reassure residents and encouraged them to talk to one another during this difficult period.

“I ask everyone in Leicester to make safe contact with their neighbours or friends to offer help where they can, and please, to ask for help where they need it,” he said.

“We might have to stop seeing each other but we mustn’t stop talking to each other.

“In some cases we must start talking to each other – the neighbour you might only not to might need your help.”

Meanwhile, the council noted their Gender Pay Gap report, which showed that the difference in mean hourly wage between male and female employees at the council is just two pence.

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