“Leicester will be at its best.” City Mayor addresses COVID-19 pandemic

By Erik Dawson

Leicester City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby took time to address the current COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the city in yesterday’s (Mar 19) council meeting.

The Mayor confirmed that there have been 5 cases of the virus in Leicestershire and supported the government’s advice of self-isolation and increased levels of hygiene.

He said: “Our duty is now clear, a duty to protect loved ones, neighbours, friends, key workers and our fellow citizens.”

The Labour politician announced that a £ 27 million pound hardship fund will be set up to help families that have been impacted financially by the outbreak as well as ceasing to pursue council tax arrears and giving eviction notices.

COVID-19 seemed to have affected the meeting itself, with 18 councillors being unable to attend due to being in self-isolation.

Sir Peter added: “I hope those here, those not with us, and the people of Leicester will be assured the city will be supported by its council in this very difficult crisis,”

“In these very difficult circumstances, Leicester will be at its best.”

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