Leicester Mayor assures people they are doing ‘all they can to keep people safe’ during the Covid-19 crisis

By Adam Rear

With the timing of the meeting taking place amidst the panic of the Covid-19 crisis, on March 19, the Lord Mayor and Councillor of Leicester, Peter Soulsby, addressed at length the issue of the virus.

The meeting began with announcements from the Lord Mayor, in which it addressed the Covid-19 crisis.

It urged people to remember to implement social distancing and other precautions to stay safe in this time of panic.

Cllr Peter Soulsby said: “An unprecedented pandemic- it seems and feels all too real nationally and in Leicester. There are a confirmed five cases of the Corona virus in Leicester.

“I cannot pretend we have all the answers, but I can assure you we are asking the right questions.

“We ask everyone in Leicester to offer help to neighbours and friends. We might have to stop seeing each other, but we mustn’t stop talking to each other.”

Other matters of the meeting include petitions by members of the public, in which a representative from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) requested Cllr Soulsby backing.

In agreement to the petition Cllr Soulsby said: “I hope to make our position in Leicester very clear.”

Cllr Soulsby was a member of the CND and expressed his hope that others support the views of CND.

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