Leicester City Council meeting addresses COVID-19

by Khrista Davis

In yesterday’s (MAR 19) City Council meeting Leicester Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, re-assured people that the city council will support and stand behind the city during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Five cases of COVID-19 were confirmed by Sir Peter at yesterday’s Council meeting but is far from the vast majority of people with the virus globally.

Sir Peter said: “As a Council we had plans ready, drawn up by experts from across the organisation and indeed from those relevant agencies with whom they work so closely.

“So as a result of that forward planning, we are not now having to waste time creating plans but can concentrate immediately on implementing them.

“Needless to say, we have already activated emergency continuity plans: plans that include the ability to use emergency spending powers under our council constitution to manage and support our city during this crisis.”

De Montfort Hall has been closed yet libraries and museums have remained open, but have cancelled classes in those areas and deep cleaning has been issued.

School closures has created a motive for urgent planning to establish provision for children with care plans alongside key workers.

He added: “There is no point pretending that the Council’s responsibility to serve and protect people in the city won’t be severely tested. There are going to be some very difficult times ahead.”

Delightfully however, there will be no pursuit in any Council Tax arrears that may appear during the current crisis and will gladly not be evicting anybody due to insufficient funds.

Sir Peter commented: “I want to offer some re-assurance to the people of Leicester that their Council is doing all it can to help keep people safe and to keep our city running.”

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