DMU closes amid COVID-19 fears

An eerily quiet campus

By Harry Shellard

On Monday (MAR16) DMU took the long-awaited decision to close campus amid fears of coronavirus.

Pressure had been building on leading senior members of the university to close down lectures and sessions as fears of the virus grew.

With other countries buckling down, many have seen the government’s stance on the virus as not good enough.

Other universities had decided to close last weekend, including Sheffield, Liverpool and Leicester University.

DMU’s recent closure has delighted some students who were fearful of Coronavirus, as well as giving traveling students who were left in limbo a concrete answer.

It is thought that sessions will be moved online, and tutors will keep students updated on events to come.

DMU’s Interim vice-chancellor Andy Collop sent emails to all students on Monday clarifying the protocols that are to be put in place by the university.

‘As the number of cases of COVID-19 has increased and become more widespread we have taken the decision to move our classroom teaching online. ‘

‘The online delivery will include any material missed as a result of the suspension of teaching activities this week. This will carry on until we break up on Friday 3 April,’ Mr. Collop stated in his email.

For now, facilities will remain open including the library and food and drink outlets.

Many students are distraught as a result of the closures and after 2 weeks’ worth of strikes, COVID-19 now threatens to disrupt life on campus once again.

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