City Mayor addresses coronavirus threat

By James Wynn

Leicester City Mayor Sir Soulsby addressed the threat of coronavirus at the city’s monthly council meeting on Thursday (March 19).

Cllr Soulsby offered advice to the people of Leicester, and detailed the measures the Council were taking to help them at this worrying time.

“There are going to be some very difficult times ahead,” he said.

“I cannot pretend we have all the answers, but I can assure you we are asking the right questions.

“We ask everyone in Leicester to offer help to neighbours and friends. We might have to stop seeing each other, but we mustn’t stop talking to each other.”

During the half-hour long meeting, the City Mayor also explained what the council would be doing to help the people of Leicester during these uncertain times.

“I will be utilising the hardship fund, which is budgeted to £27m, and this will be increased as necessary,” he said.

“We have also begun urgent planning as to how Leicester will manage the schools’ closure, and we can also confirm there will be no evictions during this time.

“We have already implemented emergency continuity plans to manage and support our city during this crisis.”

Cllr Soulsby concluded by adding that “in these very difficult circumstances, Leicester will be at its best.”

Other matters discussed at the meeting included the gender pay gap report for 2019, and a petition on the prohibition on nuclear weapons.

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