Students protest in city centre for climate action

By Luke Williamson

YouthStrike4Climate took over Haymarket Clock Tower on Friday(MARCH13) to raise awareness about Climate change.

The Leicester branch occupied much of the area surrounding the Clock Tower with a collection of flags and banners with drums to help lead the chants.

Protesters at Leicester’s Haymarket Clock Tower caught the attention of the general public.

A crowd gathered with many members of the public recording or taking photos of what was happening from midday.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We gathered here today to try and make a difference to people.

“We refuse to sit by and watch while our planet gets destroyed around us, so we peacefully protest to alert passers-by about the real dangers climate change can produce,” they said.

The branch’s website says that “Climate Strike Leicester is the Leicester branch of the YouthStrike4Climate movement ignited by Greta Thunberg and her 2018 protests.”

The group also used chalk to write on the pavements around where they were standing, writing slogans about ending climate change and drawing any picture they could.

While the protest was a peaceful one, some members of the public didn’t think the Climate Strike Leicester group were doing the right thing by skipping school.

Jim Davidson, a student himself, said: “The kids here should be in school right now, rather than causing a disruption in the city centre.

“I strongly agree with everything the group stands for, but I think there are better ways of doing it than missing out on a day of education,” he said.

The next strike day is on Friday, April 3, with the group planning on going ahead with the protest despite the government recommendations about large gatherings during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The spokesperson said: “We went ahead with this strike so, as long as we’re still in school, we definitely plan to strike.”

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