Coronavirus: Stores face a losing battle with profit/loss

By George Peter Boyd

The on-going Coronavirus pandemic in the UK has caused major disruption to the retail and hospitality sectors. 

Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent

Retail has taken a big hit today as many companies have elected to close their doors over fears for the safety of their staff and customers. 

Major companies such as Apple and Disney have closed all UK stores for the foreseeable future. 

Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, the country’s 3rd biggest retail destination, has seen scores of stores close over Coronavirus-related fears. 

Café supervisor Rebecca said: “Recently sales have been extremely slow, with an estimated 50% decrease when compared to last year in my store alone.

“No one is walking around, no one wants to take the risk of coming into contact with people when they don’t need to, the government has advised against it.

“I think it’s more important that food stores such as cafes should close as the virus can be passed easily through food, it’s not an essential outlet and doesn’t need to be open.”

Meanwhile, countries such as Italy have ordered the closure of all stores besides essential ones such as supermarkets and pharmacies. 

Rebecca added: “I believe the whole the centre will be shut by the end of next week over fears of health and safety. It’s unfair on staff to put them at risk of contracting the virus – I know retail workers can’t work from home, but still.”

There has been no official word on whether or not the centre will close as of yet. 

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