Coronavirus: Public transport and the public response

by Abigail Beresford

After yesterday’s live coverage from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the public have been advised to avoid using transport, unless it is essential.

This is to push the idea of social distancing, and avoiding large groups of people, to ensure that there is a smaller risk of catching the coronavirus.

Commuters from Leicester Station were keen to give their opinion on where they stand about taking public transport, whilst the pandemic is occurring.

“It’s going to be absolutely ridiculed, and going to make everyone’s life difficult,” says Ellie Green, 18, who was travelling from Leicester to London St. Pancras.

“I understand the severity of it, for health care reasons, but I have no choice but to use the train until they close universities and workplaces.”

At 1.15pm today, it was announced that Britons are advised to avoid flying abroad.

However, this is going to impact students who intend on travelling back to their homes in the UK, having to find flights on a small time-scale, in case they are cancelled and a ban is put into place.

“I feel quite anxious about travelling home from University. I feel like I need to due to the circumstances and want to be close to family, but I don’t want to be at risk,” says Bradley McClean, a first year Law student, at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Announcements are still waiting to be made in regard to public transport and welfare.

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