Video: Loughborough uni student excels in Bhangra Dancing

Samraj Singh showcasing his Bhangra dancing in India

by Khrista Davis

Loughborough University student Samraj Singh is not like any ordinary 18-year-old, alongside studying Chemistry he began Bhangra dancing which has taken him to new heights.

Bhangra is a spirited, folk dance and music form that originated from Punjab in India and as time has gone on, the Bhangra has been used in Punjabi weddings or festivals.

Samraj managed to find friends who are also Sikh and Punjabi at a predominantly white University. He then joined the Loughborough Bhangra society at a fresher’s fair in September.  

Bhangra started out as a fun hobby for Samraj but he didn’t know he would progress so much in it.

Samraj said: “I taught a class recently and it was so much fun to teach people Bhangra so they can experience the fun feeling and adrenaline that we all have when we dance Bhangra.

“I have been Bhangra dancing since the day I was born, it was common in my culture and in my household, everyone was aware of it also.

“I have never learnt Bhangra, I’ve just seen my family members dancing and copied, this is also the same with Punjabi songs as well. I just fell in love with it and the feeling hasn’t left me since.”

After excelling far in Bhangra dancing in such a short space of time, he was asked to join them in competing next year.

He added: “I’m thinking to compete next year in February at one of the most famous Bhangra competitions in the UK where different universities compete against each other and I’ll be aiming to start training very soon.”

Samraj is excited for his future in his team.

To join or if you are just interested to see, you can follow their Instagram page to see more of Loughborough Bhangra Society .

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