100% Vegan Market set to return to Leicester this Saturday

By Samuel Gill

Where to Vegan in association with Leicester City Council will once again bring the 100% Vegan Event to the newly christened New Dragon Square, this Saturday(MARCH14).

The event runs on the second Saturday of every month from 11-4pm in the city.

There will be more than 20 local and national traders selling goods ranging from food to skin care to music with all ages welcome.

This venture was the brainchild of Hiren Chohan who runs a website with the same name and he spoke about his own personal journey into veganism and running the event, as well as whether it is beneficial for those wanting to change their lifestyle.

“I initially started the business as I personally found it so tricky – and stressful! – to find great vegan restaurants where I could eat out at. So I built a website which made it easier for anyone to find vegan restaurants,” said Hiren.

“But as I built the business and networked with vegan restaurants and traders, I realised I couldn’t put traders on the website, because they didn’t have a permanent location.

“This frustrated me as the traders I met had incredible vegan products which I truly wanted to help promote. That was the Eureka moment when I decided to also run vegan events. I had to run the first event in my home town of Leicester.”

He added: “We showcase vegan household products, cakes, hot food, protein powders etc. Anything you wanted veganised, we will probably showcase. It’s great for anyone vegan or even vegan curious.”

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