Police and residents react to Enderby shooting

by Molly Kerridge

Police have issued a full statement following reported gunshots in Enderby on Sunday night.

Leicestershire police were called to the village at 7.45pm after reports of men with guns in the Blaby Road area.

It was revealed that two people were shot and taken to hospital after a number of gunshots were heard.

Leicestershire police released an official statement that night, saying: “In the interests of public and officer safety, armed officers have been deployed to the scene.

“Two people have been taken to hospital as a result of the gunshots being fired.”

The injuries are not thought to be fatal, the police said.

An area around Brockington College was cordoned off by the police, and parents dropping their children at a holiday club close to the area expressed their concerns following the ‘scary’ incident.

Dev Makanji, 40, of Braunstone Town, was dropping off his three children for the school holiday club.

He said: “It obviously makes you feel unsafe.

“A lot of children come to this college even in the holidays. Historically it hasn’t been bad for crime around here but lately, that seems to be changing.”

The statement from the police on Sunday night continued: “Road closures are in place in the area while enquiries remain ongoing to establish the full circumstances of the incident.

“Officers remain in the area gathering information and offering reassurance to residents.”

The closures in Blaby Road have since ended, with the police reopening the road early on Monday morning.

Following the incident, several residents have reacted to the shocking incident.

One woman, 69, said: “It’s really terrible and I hope the people who are hurt are going to be okay.

“I can’t believe something like this could happen so close to the school as well. I just hope they catch the people responsible.”

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