University student’s career soared after opening for Denodriz Concert

image0 (1)Alwayne Campbell, 20 yrs old (left), Denodriz, 17 years old (middle) and Dami Sowunmi 20 yrs old (right)

by Khrista Davis

A Computer Systems Engineering student from Loughborough, Dami Sowunmi, has had major success since performing as the opening act for rapper Denodriz on January 30.

Dami is a self-made artist who has been doing music for over a year whilst balancing his University degree, he goes by the name of ‘Lyco’ and his music genre fits into the Afro-Rnb category, but it can also be associated with Smooth Trap and Soul.

He began to make music with friend Alwayne Campbell who goes by the name of ‘Wxyne’. Their management team also runs one of the most successful groups in the UK called ‘Lotto Boyzz’ and informed them about the opportunity to be the opening act to Denodriz.

Dami Sowunmi said: “I would say it was a big accomplishment and I am proud to have been given the chance. It was an amazing experience!

“In the past when I’ve been given the opportunity to perform on stage, fright always used to latch onto me but this time it was different.

“As I was up on that stage, I felt like it was where I belonged, the crowd cheering us on really helped boost my confidence as well as being the opening act for such a famous person. My career’s been boosted!”

Dami’s music partner, Alwayne Campbell added: “It was the best moment of my life so far, it reminded me why I’m doing music and solidified that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

As a result of this experience, Dami has been contacted for other performances soon, his songs have been played on Capital Xtra by DJ Semtex and he has made new connections as a result.

Dami hopes in the future to make more music videos and perform all over the country.

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