Spotted Markfield sees rise in claims of suspicious activity around the area


By Harry Shellard

Spotted Markfield has seen a rise in posts warning of suspicious individuals following people home from around the area.

Claims have come from Markfield, as well as neighbouring villages Thornton and Bagworth, with the suspicion that it isn’t just coincidental and could be of a more sinister nature than first hoped.

19-year-old nurse and caregiver Ellie-Mae Gratton, from neighbouring village Thornton, was followed home from Coalville McDonalds last week.

She was in the car with her 16-year-old sister when her younger sibling spotted something suspicious.

A vehicle was tailgating Ellie’s car and flashing its lights, she recalled how confused and anxious she was.

“I felt very nervous, the car behind me was driving very aggressively which made me speed up so he wouldn’t crash into me. I was more worried about my little sister being in the car because I didn’t want her to be in any danger.”

“My sister kept asking me why we were being followed and she started to panic, I was in a mindset where I couldn’t really think about the situation, I just had to get us both home safely.”

She was followed all the way to her home, where she and her sister ran inside for safety. The car then quickly turned around and sped off.

She was unable to get the registration of the car or get a clear sight of the driver’s face, so she decided not to go to the police.

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