DMUactive encourage students to wear bright clothing during sport sessions throughout DMU Pride month

Photo: DMUActive

By Samuel Gill

DMUPride is heading into its sixth year with many activities going on all centered around LGBTQ+ history month.

Some of them are offered by DMUactive who are encouraging students this month to get involved in recreational sport.

The main aims of the programme are to get students involved in new sports, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Despite being offered all around the academic year, people who attend are being asked to come in bright coloured clothing to show support for the LGBTQ+ community when going to their sessions.

Emilie Fairnington, Sport Project Coordinator for DMUactive spoke about what is planned, as well as the importance of months like DMUPride.

“During Pride what we’re hoping and getting people to do is coming in bright coloured clothing to show support to the LGBTQ+ community, DMUsport are putting on a talk next Thursday (20th Feburary) at the Campus Centre about Transgender athletes in sport so that would be fantastic to get involved in.”

“One of the fantastic things here at DMU is that we celebrate all aspects of life, obviously we had the Black History Month in October which was fantastic.”

“I think it’s just brilliant that as a university we celebrate our different students that we have here, and we just want it to be inclusive and I think one of the major things that DMUactive is that it is inclusive. I think it’s really important to run months like DMU Pride.”

Click here for more information on DMUPride and the activities being ran by DMUactive throughout this month.

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