Drug warning at Leicester student accommodation

By Adam Dutton

The landlords of a student accommodation block which is home to De Montfort University students has issued a warning to residents after what it fears might be a drug problem on the site.

The Ben Russell Court property team issued a warning to residents which said: “We would encourage anyone who notices any suspicious activity around the site to make immediate reports to both Leicestershire Police and the property team without delay so that we can take direct action. All reports made are kept strictly confidential.

“Homes for students have a zero-tolerance policy on any type of drug use within their properties and grounds and take all reports extremely seriously.”

Caitlin, 20, a DMU student and resident at the accommodation block, said: “You often see dodgy looking people lurking around the accommodation once it gets late. Waiting in the corners in the dark, or waiting in their cars at the main entrance.

“In the two years that I’ve lived here, I’ve seen people approached before on site and around it. There’ve been many times that I’ve left the main building and got to the courtyard and smelt weed straight away. I wouldn’t say it happens a lot but it is becoming an ever-growing issue.

“It doesn’t help that the gates are broken, it gives anyone free access to the courtyard, making it much easier.”

This isn’t the first time the accommodation has issued a warning to residents. In October 2018, the building had to issue an email warning after two individuals were caught on camera having sex in the laundry room.

Caitlin added: “Though these are both quite serious, it is only two examples in the last two years and it is student accommodation after all.”


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