Driver and passengers escape horrific Markfield crash with only minor injuries

IMG_1147By Harry Shellard

The driver of a black Ford Fiesta walked away unscathed from an incident described as ‘horrific’ in Markfield.

It is thought the driver lost control of the vehicle which mounted the curb and collided with a resident’s fence.

The car which contained five occupants barrel-rolled onto its roof.

They had just left local Indian restaurant Fusion and were headed home when the incident occurred.

All five occupants within the car received cuts and bruises and were lucky to walk away from the crash relatively unharmed.

The passengers were all able to get out of the crashed car quickly although one had to be helped free by a nearby resident.

The police were called within minutes and arrived on the scene around 10 minutes after the crash had occurred.

Callum Willison, one of the passengers, described what happened.

He said: “I was in a state of shock and couldn’t quite believe what had happened, the 10-15 seconds we were stuck in the car for were horrific.

“The shock seemed to increase over time when what had just happened hit me, it could have been much worse.”

The driver was issued with a warning and no further action was taken by the police.

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