Cruise ship performer’s injury leads her back to shore for 15-month recovery

By Khrista Davis


Royal Caribbean cruise ship performer Samantha Guest-Guinnee is facing months of recovery from a leg injury.

Samantha, 23, had accomplished her dream of performing on cruise ships. Since the age of 20 she has performed on ‘Royal Caribbean The Harmony of the Seas’ and ‘The independence of the Seas’.

Having moved away from her home in Leicester at the age of 16, she started training for performing arts and went on to contemporary and musical theatre, “which is where I found my love for singing and acting”, she said.

But on May 10 last year, circumstances for Samantha changed.

She explained: “I came back from the cruise ships and was in an audition for another dancing job and I was coming down from a lift and landed on my feet and my right knee just went and I tore my anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in that knee.

“So, I’ve been out of performing for eight months now.”

Over the past couple of months Samantha has been working at Leicester City Football Club to earn a bit of cash while going to rehab and physiotherapy to get her strength back, but to her and her co-workers’ disappointment she is still not performance-ready yet.

Samantha said: “It’s been a really hard process as I can’t do the thing I love the most.

“I have to stay positive and rise to this challenge that life has thrown at me. I’ve definitely become stronger from it. And I’ve learnt so much about myself.”

She is hoping to be back on cruise ships and performing to her heart’s content towards the end of the year.

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