Video: Fast fashion trends boost hand-made knitting sales make a comeback

By Maddy Smith, Vidhathri Matety and Giuliana Ranallo

As the winter weather approaches many of us are on the hunt for a cosy knit jumper to protect ourselves from the bitter cold. But where do the people of Leicester like to shop?

The busy Highcross and town centre have always been a hotspot for Leicester locals to complete their shopping with multiple fashion labels established in the area. However, due to the growing global concern on environmental matters and longing for the ‘good old days’, a new, yet nostalgic, trend is on the horizon; the rise of knitting.

Haberdashery employee, Jeanette Goddard, of Jennie B Handmade, Cank Street, explained her amazement of the influx of active knitters at the store.

Recent studies have demonstrated the increase of old-fashioned habits amongst the younger generation. As a result, many young people are taking up the knitting skill as a cost-effective manner of getting new items of clothing that they feel is sentimental and intimate to them, important factors which are nowadays lost in the industrial world.

However, not everyone has the patience to knit themselves a new scarf meaning that high street shops still remain a popular choice for most people due to the instant availability and fast feeling.

Being green also plays a key role in the interests of the young people, so some people who find they don’t have the time to knit are usually frequent buyers of second hand clothing and visit charity shops.

Sustainable fashion is slowly creeping its way up in everyday life but, only time will tell if this eco-friendly push is a true movement or just another trend.


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