VIDEO: DMU encourages students to get on the electoral register on deadline day

By Beth Surridge

Students in the UK have until 11:59pm tonight (Tues,NOV26) if they want to vote in the General Election on December 12.

Any resident in England, Scotland or Wales who is not going to be here for the elections, has until 5pm today to apply for the postal vote.

According to the BBC, since the General Election was announced at the end of October, more than 2.8 million people have applied to be on the register.

The importance of registering to vote has been outlined and advertised by many people online, including a few celebrities.

UK grime artist Stormzy took to Instagram to write a long and powerful message explaining just how crucial the vote is, and explaining his reasoning behind his vote.


PASSION: Grime artist Stormzy got passionate about encouraging youngsters to vote.

At De Montfort University in Leicester, there is a “Register to Vote” stall outside the Students’ Union, encouraging and reminding all students to get themselves on the electoral register.


DEADLINE DAY: Dave Morris stands outside DMU Students’ Union to encourage students to vote.

Dave Morris, 29, who studies Electronic and Electrical engineering at De Montfort University, has been on the stall all day.

Dave said: “We are here today mainly because so many students are not registered to vote, and it’s a massive proportion of the population.

“There’s about 2.5million students in the country and less than half of them are registered.

“It’s probably this generation and students who are mainly going to be affected by it, and they are the ones who are not voting or not being encouraged to vote.

“We are here to let people know what they’re entitled to do and what are their rights to be able to vote.”

If you have not registered to vote, or you are unsure if you are on the electoral register or not head to

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