Leicester steampunk bar ‘gearing up’ to host live music in the future

by Molly Kerridge

A steampunk bar in Leicester that opened three weeks ago has announced its plans for the future of the venue.

The Metal Monocle, in Braunstone Gate, has booked a variety of live music gigs over the coming months, hoping to bring in more business to the steampunk rock themed bar.

Caroline Pritchard, the co-owner, said: “We had a great opening night, and going forward we are hoping to have many more nights like it.

“At the moment, we aren’t open every day, so it’s a case of watching this space.”

The venue has already arranged for several live music shows from steampunk bands including ‘1855’ on Saturday, December 21, and ‘The Filthy Spectacular’ on Saturday, February 22, as well as many other gigs in between

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction or fantasy which incorporates Victorian technology and aesthetics, often inspired by steam-powered machinery.

Mrs Pritchard continued: “Steampunk as a genre is growing, and as me and my husband both love steampunk it made sense to go down that route, doing the things that we love,”

Many steampunk fans choose to dress up as part of their daily lives, wearing corsets and other Victorian-style clothing, as well as items such as decorated prosthetic limbs and steam powered trinkets.

Mrs Pritchard added: “Anyone can join us regardless of if they’re dressing up or not, but it’s something a bit different and if people choose to dress up then it’s a comfortable place to be.”

You can find The Metal Monocle at 59 Braunstone Gate, Leicester, and receive more information about its upcoming events on its Facebook page.