Rowing society pushes limits in the name of charity

By James Cannell

The De Montfort University rowing society went over and above the call of duty with a 26-hour sponsored row in an attempt to raise money for the DMU Square Mile India Project.

The project aims to help the lives of families, children and young people living in flood- risk homes in India and to try to improve their way of life through dance and drama lessons.

George Orpe is a Business management and economics student, as well as a competitive beginner for the rowing squad. He helped raise money during the row, which began on Tuesday(MAR26) and ran through into Wednesday.

George said: “We had set up a rowing machine outside the SU on Tuesday morning, and we had to row the length of 312,000m over the course of 26 hours.”


Prepped and ready- rowers stretch out in preparation for their time to shine

In total, the squad rowed 371,000m throughout their whole 26-hour event.

That is 14,269m per hour and is the same length of the Sabarmati River in India.

George contributed 7,000m in the space of half an hour – 233m every minute.

George said: “The row itself was tiresome and long, but it was absolutely worth every second.”

DMU Square Mile India focuses its help on some of the poorest communities in Gujarat, and was originally set up to support young children living in homes in Gandhi Ashram. However, it is planning to expand its work this year.

Since Wednesday, the rowing society has smashed its goal, already raising £581 towards its £1,000 goal, collecting through sponsorship and donations.

If you are looking to pledge any money towards the cause, please visit: Or if you want to join the Rowing society then visit


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