National Space Centre to host special 18+ Star Wars themed event

By Callum Faulds

Star Wars geeks will get the chance to unite in Leicester next month.

The city’s National Space Centre will be hosting an adults only evening of music, science, fashion, and food, on Sunday, May 5, that is dedicated to celebrating Star Wars.

The running times for the event are 7pm until 11.45pm.

The event is being held on what is known as ‘Revenge of the Fifth,’ a day many Star Wars fans recognise as a notable day to celebrate ‘Sith Lords’ and other villainous characters from the Star Wars series.

At the event there will be some options in terms of music with Blue Harvest appearing. Elliott Langley, Marketing Administrator at the National Space centre, said: “Blue Harvest are going to be there all night, but they won’t necessarily be performing for the entire event.”

Blue Harvest are a band that have built up a solid reputation as the go-to band for any ‘geek’ themed event. They are well known for their Star Wars themed parody songs.

There will also be a ‘Silent Sith Disco,’ where people can “put on their headphones, choose their tracks and get lost in the music.”

Of course being held at the National Space Centre, there will be some science involved. Attendees will be able to drop into the LIVE Science Zone “to learn more about the science facts behind the fiction.”

Attendees are encouraged to go in costume but according to Mr Langley: “It is not mandatory to come to the event in costume.”

For those who do, however, there will be a chance to show off and even win prizes.

There will be no shortage of food or beverage either. The Space Centre will be putting up an ‘Admiral Snackbar’ and serving ‘Cantina Cocktails’ which is why the event is for people aged 18 and above.

To top-off the event, there will be an optional screening of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ which will start at 9.30.

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