Leicester West MP Liz Kendall’s office vandalised with ‘Brexit Traitor’ posters

By Callum Faulds

Vandals targeted Liz Kendall’s Leicester office this morning (FRI,MAR29), sticking Brexit Traitor posters on the windows.


Liz Kendall’s office after the posters were removed

A witness passing by on the bus saw the posters.

He told Leicestershire Press the posters carried the words “Brexit Traitor”.

The posters had been removed by 10.30am.


The Labour Leicester West MP said: “This is obviously a very difficult time and I understand that many people have strong views about the way forward.

“However, I have to stick to my principles and values. “This withdrawal agreement isn’t what people were promised during the referendum.

“It is a worse deal than we have now and the uncertainty will continue for years to come.

“I cannot look my constituents in the eye and vote for something that would make them poorer.”

The posters were placed on the MPs’ Narborough Road office on the day that the UK was originally scheduled to leave the European Union (March 29).


Ms Kendall this afternoon voted against Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement to get the UK out of the European Union.


Speaking in the House of Commons today Ms Kendall said: “I have looked on in disgust as certain members of the Tory party, who for months have opposed the withdrawal agreement, now flipping to support it, not out of any principle but purely for their own personal political gains.”

The government lost by 344 votes to 286, a margin of 58.

This means that the EU deadline to delay Brexit to May 22 has not been met.

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