The Collate Loop set to offer support to local schools in Blaby and South Leicestershire

By Samuel Gill

A company called Collate Loop are set to offer further support to local schools in South Leicestershire.

The company is based in Birmingham and their job is to help to ease the financial pressures on schools’ budgets, improve parental engagement and develop social communication in schools up and down the country.

A press release said that the company provide schools with a “modern set of tools to help teach children about internet safety in what is essentially a private social network for schools which brings social communication together. This is between stakeholders, teachers, pupils, staff and governors.”

They have said they could create combined savings and revenue of over £140,000 by implementing this plan in the local area.

This was after it was revealed that multiple schools in this area have funding of £3,000-£5,000 per pupil which is why the Collate Loop have come in to try and make savings and implement this plan in schools in Blaby.

Martyn Allan, Director of The Collate Loop spoke about these improvements and how it will help schools in the Blaby area:

“These are difficult times for education in the country,” said Martyn Allan, Director of The Collate Loop. “We must move forward together as a society and new technology provides unparalleled opportunities for schools in Blaby to improve education, reduce spending and generate an income which can be used for other important items such as school equipment and additional resources. We are proud to offer our private social network to schools as a way of contributing to solving a number of problems.”