Holi festival returns to Leicester

By James Wynn

Leicester is preparing to host its annual Holi event this weekend, with many events planned during the day, celebrating one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals in the world.

The event will take place in Abbey Park on March 23 from 11am until 4pm, with organisers stating it will be a “great family fun day out.”

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating positivity over negativity, good over evil and truth over untruth, as well as the arrival of spring.

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More information can be found by emailing info@leicesterholi.co.uk.

It is considered the most colourful festival in the world, and this will be no different in Leicester, with colour-throwing activities and story-telling, for young and old alike, as well as various children’s activities.

There will be a special family-friendly colour-throwing zone, ensuring that even the youngest of families can enjoy the celebrations.

A press release said “The colours represent the diversity of our community and how embracing it creates something beautiful and magical

“The event blends culture, history and entertainment together, and is about celebrating the plethora of cultural richness that Leicester has always offered and embraced

“There is a plethora of exciting activities planned for the day, captivating stage performances including dances, plays and singing, will communicate the message of Holi

“Hot food and drinks will be available along with information stalls for diabetes, mental health and organ donation.”

Leicester’s City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby is attending the event alongside other distinguished guests.

The event is free, however non-toxic colours need to be purchased from the event on the day to ensure health and safety standards are maintained. More information can be found by emailing info@leicesterholi.co.uk.

(Photo taken from the website, https://www.leicesterholi.co.uk/).


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