VIDEO: DMU student attends ‘Sister Programme’ talk at Leicester Mosque


By Alexandra Smith

A Somali Muslim student has praised a motivational talk for young women for helping her tackle the difficulties faced by people of her faith studying away from their homes.

The Jame’ Masjid Mosque held the event ‘Sisters Programme’, a motivational talk for young Muslim women, on Sunday.

Muslim student at De Montfort University (DMU) Hafsa Yassin, 20, attended the ‘Sister Programme’ and labelled it the catalyst for her educational and religious success.

Miss Yassin said: “I feel it is important to remember my culture and religion especially since moving to a different city.”

As a Somali Muslim woman Miss Yassin has received both positive and negative reactions to her faith.

She said: “Being faced with constant negative misrepresentation throughout the media can be draining so it is enlightening to attend positive initiatives set out to help young Muslim women move forward with their life and career.”

Although Miss Yassin has been surrounded by a diverse community since coming to DMU, including that of her own Somali Muslim community, she said that with her family at home she felt she was more committed to her religion.

She said: “I feel like I need to get closer to God, it is a requirement in my religion to pray at least five times a day which I have been falling behind with.”

For Miss Yassin, moving out of her family home was a big step as in her culture women tend to stay at home.

She said: “Family will always remind me of God but, I shouldn’t have to be reminded. My religion is who I am, it’s a part of me that should never fade and I won’t let it.”

Miss Yassin went on to praise the importance of community led programmes like the ‘Sisters Programme’ especially for students whose place of worship had changed and who were no longer surrounded by their family who share their faith.

For more information on local Muslim events taking place in Leicester, visit the Leicester Muslims Facebook page.


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