Homeless Shakespeare and the Pigeon Theatre set for more concerts

By Emily Rooney

After playing NotAFest at the Shed, local band Homeless Shakespeare and the Pigeon Theatre are set to go on a mini-tour around local venues in Leicester, Nottingham and Northampton.

The band consists of five members, although Homeless Shakespeare used to be a solo project for Joe Doyle, who now plays rhythm guitar and contributes lead vocals.

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A poster advertising Let’s Face the Music

Most of the members are drawn from other bands, with Lon Fisher from Whiskey Rebellion, Adam Davison of Not My Good Arm, and Surrealists and Timmas’ Tom Carnell, as well as Cam Gunn.

Cam, bass player with Homeless Shakespeare and the Pigeon Theatre, said “Homeless Shakespeare had released several solo EPs over the last few years, but September 2018 saw the release of the first album ‘Caravan O’Funk’.”

Cam did not join the band until October, when he stepped in for the then-bassist, who is now lead guitar.

The band’s style is described as “gypsy-jazz and the very unique Gyp-Hop.”

Speaking about NotAFest, Cam said: “We played a set as part of NotAFest also at The Shed which hosted about 14-15 different bands across both floors of The Shed and The Vault which was an absolute weekend for the local music scene.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide range of artists come together locally to put together an amazing weekend, it was astonishing.

“Later this month we have LET’S FACE the Music! Which will be something like eight bands between Firebug and Duffy’s.

“Then we’re playing alongside The Whiskey Rebellion, Seas of Mirth, Inlak’esh and a few other bands as part of Rebelfest at The Shed so there is great camaraderie between us and the local bands, something that not a lot of places has, but Leicester is fantastic for.”

Homeless Shakespeare and the Pigeon Theatre can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @HomelessShakespeare.

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