DMUglobal takes off in Hong Kong

By George Picton-Clark

Pharmacy students from the Health and Life Sciences faculty of De Montfort University have enjoyed a trip to Hong Kong from Sunday, 24th February to Monday, 4th March.

The nine day trip consisted of many beneficial activities such as visiting the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences.

Wadzi Mugara, a 20-year-old Pharmacy student who attended the DMUglobal trip, said:  “At the museum we learnt about the evolution of medicine and midwifery in Hong Kong and how it has developed.”



The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong, China


The DMUglobal trip was organised with the aim to further educate and understand the differences between Western and Eastern medicines and how they have developed alongside one another.

Wadzi added: “It was very beneficial, we learnt that the Chinese take every excipient in its raw form, whereas in Westernised medicine we look for the cause of therapeutic effect and take it out of raw material and into medicines.”

Hong Kong is a region where 95 per cent of the ethnic makeup is Chinese and a lot of the remaining majority is made up of white people.

“There were a lot of foreign people, but not many people of colour, many people on the trip were asked for pictures from local people as they’d never seen people of colour in the flesh, it was quite daunting,” Wadzi said.

For any more information on further DMUglobal trips that are available, students can visit, They can also find out what funding is available here.

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