Trans gender activist Munroe Bergdorf aims to inspire when she visits Leicester tonight

By Mahima Kshatriya

Munroe Bergdorf, a transgender presenter, model and activist, is coming to De Montfort University in Leicester, tonight(WEDFEB27) to speak at a sell-out event.


Kate Askew, event manager

Kate Askew, event manager for tonight’s discussion, which is part of DMU’s Cultural Exchanges Festival and starts at 7pm in the Clephan Building, said that it was her idea to invite Bergdorf.

She said the event is supposed to be very helpful for everyone, to help educate people and help them learn about trans rights.

“I hope that people will feel very open and honest,” she said. “It will help them to become open minded and respectful for everyone’s different opinions.”

She believes having Bergdorf at a university will help its student to acknowledge their privilege better.

“Munroe is a figurehead in so many issues,” Kate said. “She is very outspoken, passionate and is like a role model for a lot of LGBTQ kids.

“She doesn’t talk at a lot of universities, so it is a big privilege for us and especially for the students to have her here. She inspires young people to take up their activism I suppose.”

With Bergdorf a famous for her work on television and radio, Kate believes a personality like her could be of great help to get people to be more open-minded.

“Now Munroe is here, hopefully the festivals in future years to come can be more open-minded and have more figureheads of society that can come and educate,” she said.

Sophie Hamilton, a third year Journalism student, will be interviewing Bergdorf.

“The event sold out literally in the past hour,” said Kate at lunchtime today. “That’s very exciting. Sophie Hamilton who is interviewing her, is amazing. So, it should be a really interesting conversation.”

Although Bergdorf’s visit and the Cultural Exchanges Festival are not directly linked to the recent DMUpride campaign, Kate said their programmes are very similar, adding: “We would love to do more with DMUpride, especially because our values are similar in terms of forward thinking.”


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