Leicester Comedy Festival paves the way for Rahul Kohli and other contemporary comedians


By Adam Rear

Comedians from all different corners of the country have entertained crowds throughout February, as Leicester celebrates the ‘Official Comedy Party’.

The Leicester Comedy Festival has wowed crowds of all ages since Wednesday, February 6, with events running until this Sunday.

With a wide, star-studded line-up, comedic characters such as Johnny Vegas, Jason Manford, Jo Brand and Russell Howard have hit the stage.

Not to mention some of the best emerging comedians that have been granted the opportunity to grow.

Earlier this week I had the honour of watching a creative, exciting and downright hilarious performance by Rahul Kohli.

Comedian Rahul Kohli, 27

His comedy gig, titled ‘All my heroes are dead, in jail or touched up your nan’ wowed crowds at the LCB Depot Lightbox on Sunday(FEB17).

I was lucky enough to have an interview with Rahul, 27, in which he shared a multitude of details about how he became the man he is today.

Rahul talks about his inspirations at a young age: “At 14 I used to watch Comedy Central at the Comedy Store, I saw three people who really hit me; Paul Chowdhry, Jason Cook and Kevin Bridges.

“Before then my three dreams were being a gangster rapper, footballer or a wrestler.”

Rahul said: “At 18 when I went to University a lot of people told me I had the potential to be a comedian; that I’ve got the charisma and the general wit for it.

“But at that point I was happy with my life, I didn’t feel the need to beg a room of strangers for their attention.”

Rahul talked about the unheard hard side of being a comedian. He said: “I used to get a Megabus at 6am all the way from Newcastle to London. I’d get there about 2pm and sit in Victoria Station and hang around until I did my gig.

“Then I’d get a 10pm Megabus back to Newcastle and get back for about 5am. After driving home, I would get to bed at 6am and wake up for 9am the next day to go to my other job.”

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